Value Proposition

The attractive value proposition for our compound is:

  1. NeuMedics authored and was issued a patent for NM108 and it’s derivatives.
  2. It may be the only drug product currently in development in the US that is an eye-drop to treat DME.
  3. It has a different mechanism-of-action than all other existing therapies.
  4. It is absorbed by the eye, making eye injections unnecessary.
  5. It is the only drug that targets inflammation inside the eye that leads to DME.
  6. It can be used for first line treatment of early disease and may preclude the need for injections ever becoming necessary in the future.
  7. It could  be used concomitantly with anti-VEGF injections to reduce the frequency of their administration.

These multiple benefits, among others, significantly differentiate NM108 from other therapies and in addition, provide an advantage to patients (self dose, reduced pain caused by injection) as well as increased convenience and overall less cost (small molecule vs. antibody) and the  expense of a Doctor visit, plus the  overall reduction in health care costs. (Insurance reimbursement)