Market Opportunity

Of the 3 currently accepted approaches for the treatment of DME: 1) focal laser 2) steroids, and 3) anti-VEGF, none are optimal, none fully address the root cause of DME, (i.e. target VEGF and not the underlying genesis of DME; inflammation) and all are associated with significant limitations:

  • All are less than 40% effective and carry adverse side effects that can also lead to vision loss.
  • All until recently have been used as monotherapy.
  • Direct injection into the eye or sustained release implants remains the most important limitation of many of these new treatments.
  • Retinal specialists are looking for new and alternative therapeutics that can be administered without the requirement for repeated and chronic injections every 4-6 weeks AND without the side effects of steroids (cataracts and steroid induced glaucoma).

NM108 is differential to current therapies because it can be prescribed and dosed at the early stages of DME and prior to the on-set of VEGF leakage and will not cause the side effects inherent in steroids or intravitreal injections or implants that could lead to additional visual impairment or blindness.