Clinical Plan


NeuMedics wrote and filed the patent for NM108 (8338477 issued December 2012 for NM108 and its chemical cohorts). NM108 is a naphthacene carboxamide derivative formulated into an eye drop based micro emulsion that is self administered. NM108 decreases inflammation by (i) inhibition of pro-inflammatory compounds through modulation of protein expression and RNA transcription, (ii) activation or depletion of specific phosphatases associated with inflammation, and (iii) decreasing vascular permeability – an upstream event in the inflammation cascade.  Importantly, studies conducted by the NIH (Cukras et al IOVS, June 2012 Vol. 53,No 7) have already demonstrated proof-of-concept for NM108, showing that the scaffold of the parent compound to NM108 is effective in both reducing inflammation and improving vision in patients with DME.  NM108, has been tested at independent laboratories to confirm that it retains the proven efficacy characteristics of the scaffold compound, but eliminates important safety issues associated with the scaffold. These compounds offer significant advantages over currently available therapies. 

Clinical Development